Paramore Play LA’s Wiltern Theater: ‘We’re Just Getting Started’

The first time I saw Paramore live was back in April of 2008 when they toured with Jimmy Eat World. At the time I was in love, I had blonde hair and was about to graduate from college and head into the “real world.” Needless to say since then Paramore and I have both experienced a lot of changes. The way we look, our attitude on being in the “real world” and our relationships with the people in our lives have all changed. Thankfully we both had one thing in common to get us to where we are in 2013 — their music.

Speed up 5 years and last night I was singing live along with Hayley Williams, Taylor York and Jeremy Davis for the sixth time. I would agree we both turned out okay regardless of all the obstacles we had faced over the past five years. Paramore may have had some setbacks with transitions into a new lineup, but today they stand confident in their music (a number one album will do that to you) and in their bond as a band (overcoming loss will do that to you).

Photo credit: PureVolume

Last night as I stood in the balcony at the historic Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles I was amazed by the high-engery performance, but also by my over 2K peers. The love and support that got this band to bypass all of the drama and negativity that had infiltrated their world was still they’re ready to “get down.” During the diverse setlist (almost all of Paramore’s releases were represented) there was endless participation from the crowd, fueling the band to play harder and prompting Hayley to thank us over and over. It seems that not only was I happier at this point in my life, but that Paramore was as well. Before the new song, “Ain’t It Fun” Williams shared that their new album was, “the first album we had recorded in LA, and it’s our favorite album.”

She also took the time to give us some insight during the crowd favorite “Whoa” off their first full-length All We Know Is Falling. She admitted back in 2005 they wanted to write a song everyone could sing along to and “Whoa” became that song. It worked like a charm. Before the anthemic and empowering new song “Anklebiters” about embracing who you are, Hayley told the crowd, “We are here to give you a story.” She then invited fans to join her on stage to help with the song’s gang vocals – really putting her money where her mouth is. It looked like the most fun anyone could ever have.

Acutally, the entire night was the most fun anyone could ever have.

Photo credit: PureVolume

Seeing Paramore live has always been a new experience over the past five years. It may have been my sixth show but they continue to grow, evolve and push the boundaries of being “that band with the Twilight song and the girl singer with orange hair.” They have proven to any skeptics, critics, wavering fans and themselves that they have something special and this is the beginning of a shiny happy new chapter.

To be honest I don’t think Paramore really became one of my favorite bands until I saw them live for that first time back in 2008 and I now in 2013 they can truly say, “We’re just getting started.” #musicrules.

What are you’re memories of seeing Paramore live?

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