Hey 🙂 I wrote something new. Unfortunately there is a lot of mistakes because original is in Polish and I had a problem to translate it. “Harmony Nonexistence” is about my memories from last weeks and years.


Sometimes I try to rise above it what’s invisibleI create epic, I conquer it what’s unattainable Unlock the mind lock oppress me for years I’m not running from the past and the hidden tears I constantly look forward to what will bring fate In harmony nonexistence I discover again my own world Like an airplane I beat rough clouds on my way I don’t care about criticism, I’m growing in it I’m building it, about what haters can dream Fidelity my dreams and the people close to my heart The values that never change on the map of my life Incessant a long line of leading me into the unknownWeaved from the web of uncertainty and turbulent moments Apocalypse comes like a breeze, and explosive mixture Lost in the darkness it what’s essential for the masses In vain to search hope without voicelessness in humanity

Without any obstacles I wander by harmony nonexistence I saved every memory in these words It what not returned anymore, the time comes full circle Thoughts released from the yoke of unhealed wound Pride doesn’t allow, eyes please All rocks at the foot Unsolved riddle, millions of questions unanswered Fear of the unknown is back with redoubled force I send artillery, self-immolations by burning Not counting with this, what really counts I can’t stop, I wanna win I rise like Phoenix from the ashes Transformation, everything takes colors Unwanted in the love desire Brutal honesty of the worldThrowing me on my knees…