Music Monday: Phoenix

One of my newest band obsessions has been with Phoenix, particulary their new album BANKRUPT. It’s been on repeat for multiple reasons.

I’ve always had a thing for Phoenix, but they aren’t normally a group I choose to listen to a lot. I love their songs, they are the catchiest things ever. But there’s something about them I couldn’t get hooked on very well. Until, they dropped their new album Bankrupt a few weeks ago. Now, it’s been onrepeat since it came out. Lately, I’ve been more into the psychedelic sound, constantly listeneing to Washed Out and White Arrows. With this new album, the psychedelic sound is non stop and perfect. Every song is flawless, the lyrics are mesmerizing, and everything about it is just so beautiful.

Thanks to Spotify, I can easily share the new record with you guys!

What do you think of Phoenix’s new record?