Lucy Schwartz’s Adorable Tune “Boomerang” Is Featured In Arrested Development

Lucy Schwartz is just one of those special artists. The 23-year-old super talented, LA-based musician cranks out hit after hit and catchy tune after catchy tune. You probably already know her music and don’t even realize it. Her beautiful voice and oh-so memorable tracks have been featured in oodles of tv shows and movies like Breaking Dawn Part I, Shrek Forever After, and Parenthood to name a few. Now her latest single, Boomerang, can be heard loud and clear in the final episode of season 4 of Arrested Development. (Fun Fact – music sure does run in the family. Her father wrote that catchy Arrested Development jingle that always gets stuck in your head!)

Anywho – enjoy the track Boomerang below and tell me what you think in the comments below!

If you’re looking for more on Lucy, check out the exclusive interview she did with Buzznet!

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