Making Memories: Highkicks + Highhopes

Many. Many moons ago I startd Highkicksandhighhopes as my first blog. I blogged for years and years, and most people came to know me through my blog, which, honestly I started because people were saying I was a slutty weirdo on the i<33nternet and I wanted a place to defend myself.

HKHH become somewhat of a phenom, first only people I knew read it and then stranger read it and then people were writing me their life stories and we all became internet friends.

I have on regret with HKHH, the day I found out Ryan had cheated on me, I erased the entire blog. Every one of our memories that I had posted on there, and most of my entries about being a Rockette, I wish I had not done that, but at the time, it hurt too much to look back at them. I also erased every photo I had of him and us on my harddrive. The only one’s that exist are the ones people stole off HKHH and saved somewhere on the net now. I wished I hadn’t done that either- I think one day I will have wanted to be able to show my children my own crazy childhood.

So, now HKHH stands starting a few days after erased everything, and all of the posts are so desperate, and so sad, and I can almost feel my own headspace as it was back then. I was a 100% mess. I think you guys liked me better as a mess though… I thought since it is “making memories” month on Buzznet that I would share my very first 10 blogs after all that happened, and take a look back at my first blog.

I miss it sometimes. I really do.

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