Jazmin Whitley Shares Her Personal Style

Hi guys! Here is a little peep into my personal style (:

Being a wardrobe stylist, fashion editor and designer I am obviously ALWAYS around gorgeous garments. I love styling ladies and making them feel galm, but when it comes to dressing myself I always seem to grab the same items every morning. I almost have a uniform haha, I always wear either black leggings or a black top…something black.

I try to add a dash of color or print here and there. Here are some of my favorite things I have been wearing over and over again! I love mixing and matching with them, I might have to switch up my style as it gets crazy hot is LA…but for now I’m sticking to basic black!

These leggings by BLACK MILK and these shoes by MIA

This tweed and leather jacket by BooHoo

This black crop top by Motel Rocks

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