JapanophileUK – Kawaii Jewelery For Anime & Manga Lovers

I recently discovered the wonderful shop, JapanophileUK, and I am so excited to share it with you all. It’s an Anime and Japanese themed jewelry company that creates custom pieces inspired and designed by their fans. JapanophileUK is comprised of Ruth and Jenna who work together to design and create the jewelry and general “geekery”. One of my favorite pieces they’ve created is the Sailor Moon Crystal Star Necklace. It’s based on the popular Japanese manga series, Sailor Moon, and is made from laser cut acrylic with each piece placed and glued by hand. The acrylic is gold and pearl, which give a magical subtle shimmer…and topped with Swarovski Crystals, which sparkle beautifully. Ruth and Jenna like to think that their different interests give them a distinctive edge…and I can definitely agree! Make sure to check out their store online and shop away!