Hot Or Not: Celeb Blingee Party

Sometimes I don’t know what to do with the internet. There is so much going on with it all the time that it can become very overwhelming rather quickly. I like to think that this is why I am very into cats. It’s like when you start to do a thing and then that thing snowballs into something else and all of the sudden you are all:


Art is kind of like this, too. Well, at least for me. Often times, I want to express myself but I don’t really have the tools to do so. I usually just end up sitting on the floor, surrounded by left handed scissors and glitter, doing this:

Once I get up from the nest of glitter angels that I have made whilst crying in the fetal position, I circle back to the internet in defeat. I look for inspiration and “how to” videos on YouTube but GDI, I will never be half as good as the worst.

In my realization that the only thing I am fit to creat is failure, I start to make Blingee Art. If you don’t know what that is, let me tell you. I am too ashamed in my lack of art making to share my Blingees. Instead, I have decided to share with you an assortment of said medium. Oh and celebrities. I AM TRYING TO CONNECT WITH YOU. Anyway, let’s take a gander at the world that is Le Arte d’Blingee:

Because no one loves Demi more than you:

Your love means more when it’s solidified with glittery everything

Nothing makes the Devil’s horns look better than flashing hearts & Miley Montana or w/e her name is

Commander In Cute, amirite?

Shoot that poison arrow straight to my heart

Happiness In Glitter-ies

The Saddest Blingee Ever

You knew this was coming

On Wednesdays we wear pink!

It’s like Christmas

She even has the same face in Blingee Art

And then there’s this

And then I leave you with the best thing ever

And scene.

That’s all I have. Please enjoy these works of art that look like Lisa Frank threw up all over your favorite people. Bye!