VIDEO: Happy Birthday Albie Manzo!!

Hey Fellow Buzzers!

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This past weekend was Memorial Day Weekend for most people. However, in my family, it was more than just the holiday we were celebrating. My cousin Christopher and my brother CJ share a birthday ( May 24th ) and my cousin Albie‘s birthday is May 27th. This past weekend was non stop family fun. If you check out the gallery below, you can see a few photos from CJ & Christopher’s birthday as well as a few extra photos I’ve taken since I’ve been back visiting in NJ. The video above only has footage from the night before Albie’s birthday and the day of ( Memorial Day ) Check it out! I love filming my family when they don’t expect it, I catch some of the funniest/genuine moments. Plus, You guys can get an inside look at what us Jersey folk like to do for fun. 😉