Giveaway: Win An Autographed Album Kellee Maize!!!

Kellee Maize released new music video for “Peaceburgh” and…

…she organized an awesome give away!!!

Kellee wrote on Facebook:

“I am giving away 100 autograph albums! MY NEW PEACEBURGH VIDEO is DONE! 🙂 We are running a long contest for anyone that shares this new video on their wall from one of my posts! I will pick 100 people to get an autograph hard copy of OWL TIME which features this song. I will be reposting so lots of chances to win. Love to everyone in Peaceburgh, Owl Tribe and the amazing Dan Meyers who directed and City Kid Collective! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!”

Don’t wait!!! Watch video and share: CLICK HERE

Good Luck!!!