Ghost Town Adventures: Bodie Is A Dead Scene

I feel like I have been away for a long time because well, I have been. I left last week to go camping up in the wilds of California with my mom, her husband, and our dogs. Moo’s first camping trip was a success!

Look how majestic Little Moo is on her rock by the river.

Most of the time that I was on this wee mountain, I had no reception or anything so I just read books and took naps. I also walked a lot and listened to Frank Turner and thought about my life. I even went to this parade type thing called “Mule Days” but I didn’t take any pictures of that because Moo demanded to be held as giant ass mules passed by us and pooped.

I did, however, take a bunch of pics of this ghost town called Bodie. It was an old mining town and Moo and I walked all over the place. It was very serene when there weren’t gaggles of people near me but I suppose that is because I like to be on my own a bunch.

Here are some pics I snapped with my iPhone:

Everything is falling apart and stuff and it’s pretty much my soul:

Of course, it wouldn’t be a ghost town without a grave yard:

And none of that would be possible sans Le Mortician:

And here are just some other shots that I can’t think of anything clever for because I am listening to Tegan & Sara and I just feel like an old shoe in a gutter on the Boulevard of Broken Dreams:

And here’s a pic of Lady Moo in the back of an old ass truck:

Please to meet Rosa May:

Rosa May was a Lady of the Evening. She also nursed a bunch of miners back to health (some died though) when an illness hit the town. Since she was a prostitute, her grave was placed outside the proper graveyard because it was tradition back in ye olden times that those of questionable repute had to be placed away from the good folk.

This is a memorial of sorts to her, as her grave is lost to time and there was no death certificate of Rosa May found in the town. Some person just made this for her and pretty much she is my favorite person ever.

Now that I have made you sufficiently sad, here is this:

Oh and this is Moo giving me tongue kisses in a tub:


Sorry I made you scroll a bunch 🙁