Getting Fancy 101: A Guide To DIY Dresses

The air is hot, everyone has “senioritis” and prom is just around the corner. All of your best friends have their dresses already. You’re a little late to the game… You’re an original…. and you love a good bargain! Who doesn’t? So, here are a few ideas for last minute DIY prom looks that you can try out, modify and make your own.

“Often Imitated. Never Duplicated.”

1. Make it Art

Buy a neutral colored short dress that has an A-line hem. Buy fabric paint and a paint brush, along with a matching 1 inch ribbon for the waist. Brush paint across the bottom 4-6 inches of the dress. Leave it so the brush strokes show. Tie a matching ribbon around the waistline and tack it on with a couple stitches on either side. Pair it with some chunky metallic jewelry and a metallic heel with bright poppy lipstick and you’re good to go!

2. Full of Tulle

Take a high waisted skirt and sew the same or contrasting tulle onto the top of the skirt. You can do this in a ton of different ways… wrap around like a tulip, even on all sides, high low, just on the back… etc. Get creative. You could even do a whole tulle skirt by sewing a bunch of layers onto your base skirt and making it super poofy and 80s. Then pair your skirt with a matching corset type top that tucks into the skirt. It would take you maybe an hour, if that! I could see this type of outfit with a high ponytail with some volume on top, neon jewelry and sky-high heels with dramatic smoky eyes and a neon pink lip to match.

3. Cut It Out

Take a plain dress that might be a little boring or out of style and turn it into something modern and unique. Let’s say you have a knee length dress that is plain and has straps. You could take it into a drycleaner for alterations or do it yourself, if you are comfortable with a sewing machine! Maybe raise the hem, turn it into a strapless or one shoulder (you could even sew tulle over one shoulder or under your hem to create a more dramatic look) and have them make some cut outs on the sides to amp up the sexy factor. Add on some extra details like bling or those metal studs too!

4. Vintage Up-Cycle

This dress will have some soul! Go to your favorite local vintage store or Goodwill (clothing donation shop) and pick out a dress that has POTENTIAL. Pick something with an awesome vintage print or style that you don’t see often anymore but can be altered to be your dream prom dress. The best part about this is that you’re going to get a great deal and you’ll have an awesome story to tell with your dress. Plus, a lot of times vintage shops will do alterations for you! You could go with the theme of the dress and pick a vintage style for your hair too.

Have fun at prom! Dance your buns off, eat cake, sing at the top of your lungs with your best friends and enjoy every second of it.


What DIY idea do you like best?