Former soulDecision Singer Makes His Mark In The EDM Scene

If you were an MTV/TRL junkie back in the day like I was, then you might remember Trevor Guthrie, the lead singer of the band soulDecision. Allow me to refresh your memory:


I remember buying their CD and yelling at people who called them “the next LFO.” So now that you’re feeling all nostalgic, let’s move on.

Trevor Guthrie is the featured vocalist in trance/EDM god Armin van Buuren‘s current single off of his new album, Intense, titled “This Is What It Feels Like.” Trevor’s vocals blend beautifully with a mixture of catchy pop/rock and infectious synths that aren’t usually common in your average AVB track. Certain portions of the song were reminiscent of Imagine Dragons. I really hope Top 40 radio catches on!

Trevor isn’t the only ex-boybander to jump into the trance/EDM scene. Former member of UK pop/rock band BBMak, Christian Burns, has been making a name for himself for the past five years and is set to release his debut solo album sometime this year. If this is some kind of new trend, I fully support it!

Take a listen to “This Is What It Feels Like” below:

Intense is available now.


What are your thoughts on “This Is What It Feels Like?” Were you a soulDecision fan?

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