My Favorite People Turned Into Super Heros

As you all probably know, we here at Berznert love music. Why? Simply stated, #MusicRules! It is the soundtrack of our lives and basically any cliche that you might dial right now would totally ring true. Whenever I am feeling like a sack of potatoes, I’ll turn on some music and feel less potato-y. Music kind of saves me. You could say that music is my superhero.

I kind of need this in my life

As I trolled about the internet and listened to sad song, I happened upon a tweet from one of my favorite blogs, io9. They mostly have things there are relevant to my interests, like the images in this blog that com from the skilled hands of Butcher Billy. Take a peek!

Ian Curtis

Siouxsie <3

Head In the Door for sure

These are so rad! I’m pretty sure I’m going to buy the Moz shirt because that needs to brighten up my all black t shirts. Make sure you check out Butcher Billy’s site for more awesomeness and a whole bunch of super heros that I didn’t include in this post because you need to check it out on your own. GO!

What do you all think?