EW WHY? Kim Kardashian Is Torturing Her Feet and Vanessa Hudgens Needs to Stop

I found myself reacting like the beauty queen above to wayyy too many things on the Internet this week. There were so many gross-out things happening that I didn’t know where to turn!

We can go ahead and begin with what started it all. I’m going to preface this by saying that I kneel down to the holy shrine of Julianne Moore on the daily. I love her. She is an icon. She is fierce. BUT, on this particular day at Cannes, she broke the cardinal rule of not grossing me out. Her lustrous silver sandals failed to keep her toes in gear so they splayed out to the sides like little fleshy wings gasping for air.

While we’re here in nasty feet town, Kim Kardashian decided that the best way to show off you’re bloated pregnancy hooves are to case them in plastic. If her ankle were someone’s neck she would be charged with battery!

Now on to Miley. I actually think MC looked good in this ensemble and her hair was on point! Buuut one of her make-up peeps took the contouring too damn far and she went from fierce to joker rilll fast.

Vanessa Hudgens needs to chill. She is prancing around town like it’s Coachelly 24/7 or like she’s somehow living as the earthly spirit of Janis Joplin’s Urban Outfitters lovin’ cousin.

Are any of these particularly offensive to you? Or am I wrong, and you’re loving V-Nasty’s Woodstock realness?