Enviable Style From TV’s Most Nostalgic Shows

Since May is all about memories on Buzznet, I decided to take a look back at TV shows of the ’90s and early ’00s that I dearly miss. Shows like Disney‘s “Lizzie McGuire” and Nickelodeon’s “Clarissa Explains It All” were undoubtedly awesome, but there was so much more there than an average story of a girl just trying to navigate through high school, boys and parents. These girls had enviable style that I still am not completely sure anyone can pull off in real life. Forget today’s Hanna Montanta‘s or Victoriouses — these girls knew how to dress and weren’t afraid of taking mega fashion risks. If you miss a time where sparkley butterfly clips were completely acceptable, bike shorts were the perfect accessory to any dress and denim ruled the world, check out these outfits inspired by my some of my favorite leading ladies.

Lizzie McGuire was edgy of her own accord. No, she didn’t wear tons of black and wasn’t tough-girl chic or alternative, but she mixed patterns like no other. Her fun style combines some of the early ’00s most feminine trends – ruffled peasant tops, platform sneakers and lots and lots of pink. I’d be hard-pressed to find a girl who better knows her way around a bedazzler. Plus, I completely forgot the Zodiac used to be in style.

Clarissa was one of those tom boyish cool girls who seemed like the quintessential ’90s teenager to me. Of course, my entire idea of teenagedom was compeltely shattered when I realized that most actual teenagers don’t wear 6 patterns at one time and crop tops broke high school dress code. I did however have a boy bff who, if he could have, would have probably climbed through my 3rd story window to play Super Smash Brothers with me.

Angela Chase is perhaps the character I related to most, both in psyche and now, in style. I distincly remember wishing so badly that mother would let me dye my hair a gothy shade of plum, but that was a huge “no way!” and I wasn’t really a rebel at all and wounldn’t disobey them. What I like about Angela is that her style is slightly alternative but she’s really sort of book-ish, introverted and sweet. You can tell she blends clothes leftover from her tween years (like colored tights and chunky sweatres) with edgier, grunge style (like baby doll dresses, plaid and denim).

What TV star’s style were you envious of when you were growing up?