Demi Lovato Talks Being Bipolar & Reveals She’s A Pillow Thief On Ellen

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Demi Lovato is like a pretty, non-smelly onion, of which we continue to peel back the layers. The Heart Attack singer opened up on Ellen this week about her growth as a human, her hopes for the new X-Factor judges, and admitted to being a common thief. Screeeech, wait what?

“I always…umm…I steal a pillow from the hotel I’m staying in” she said. “…The Ritz…they’ve got money there, they can afford another pillow!” HAHA!

Also while discussing her ever-changing hairstyle, Demi attempted a joke about her bi-polar disorder, which led to what can only be described as horribly uncomfortable silence from the entire audience.

Below are Demi speaking about her body image and reluctence to accept being on the Maxim Hot 100, and her lovely performance of “Heart Attack.”