Crew Love: Feat. All Time Low’s Danny Kurily

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If you forgot, I used to do this really cool series called “Crew Love” where I would interview crew members who tour with your favorite bands to get a behind the scenes, real life look at the blood sweat and tears of the crew! I decided it is time to bring this back because…it rules! I am bringing it back with our lovely and talented Buzzmaker, Danny Kurily!

Danny Kurily is currently the hard workin’ guitar tech for this small little band no one has ever heard of called All Time Low. I got him to answer some questions for you all, enjoy!

BH: When did you first realize you had such a love for music?

DK: I think it was a pretty young age, my dad would always play 70’s 80’s bands in the car so I guess you could say I was raised on it. I kill it at karaoke because of it.

BH: When/how did you first start touring?

DK: I think it was about in 2006/2007. My friends band just got signed and they took me out for a summer tour as a tour manager, guitar tech, merch. Basically whatever we slept on floors and in the van, the van had no A/C and would get close to over heating so we’d have to turn the heat on to keep it cool.

BH: You have worked with a few different bands, do you feel it is all the same?

DK: I think it’s really about catering to the artist, even with the current band I’m with each member is different. I feel a good guitar tech learns about their client so you can cater to what they like more. It even goes as far as knowing how they play songs different. Example: The band plays a song off the EP which they all know very well, this usually means they are harder on the strings because they’re really confident in playing it. This means I have to tune everything a little bit flat because they’ll play the strings harder.

BH: Define YOUR perfect tour. (lineup)

DK: Foo Fighters, Blink 182 and Taylor Swift

BH: Describe what the average day is like on the road as a crew member!

DK: I usually load in around 11:00am, this consists of usually emptying a semi truck and directing loaders where to put everything. I then take all my lids off and start to set up my guitar world, amps, cabs, risers etc. Usually around 2:30pm there is a line check where we check the PA and our in ears to make sure everything sounds correct. I then usually have to re-string 5-6 guitars and usually 2 basses. I then I clean and polish all the guitars and make any adjustments. Mix in some cocktails and dinner and I’m ready to go for the show. I usually am in my guitar world about an hour before change over to turn on amps and make sure everything is set. We then play the show, pack it all up and do it again the following day. A typical day is usually 12-15 hours, with a lot of hurry up and wait.

BH: What memory stands out to you the most from being on tour?

DK: There are a lot that make me smile, playing Saturday with Fall Out Boy, having 80k people sing me happy birthday at Reading/Leeds, my birthday on Warped Tour, watching Blink 182 in Australia. There’s so many things that you get to look back on and say whoa.

BH: Do you have any favorite states or venues that you prefer?

DK: From a guitar tech stand point it’s all about space, I want a 60×40 stage that has more than enough room for my band and any supporting acts as well. You want a semi dock, good loading situations, dressing rooms, bathrooms etc. I really like the Fillmore in Detroit, Pageant in St. Louis, HOB Vegas.

BH: If you could design the “TOUR BUS OF ALL TOUR BUSES” what would it look like, inside and out!

DK: Fun fact is that I’m actually really into tour busses. It ‘d have to be a quad slide XL-II, hardwood heated floors in the front lounge with a full size sub zero fridge. I really like tech stuff so I’d want apple tv’s and everything else. Mood lighting is important so color changing LED’s would be cool. I really want an ice maker because I cannot begin to tell you how pissed I get when there is no ice for my cocktails. Leather wrapped couches and chairs with minimal tables. One bathroom upfront for guests. Bunk area would be pretty simple, instead of the typical 12 bunk lay out I’d go with 3 on one side and 2 condos on the other side. Where the extra bunk space would be I’d begin my master suite in the back. Slide out queen bed on the one side with a vanity and fold down treadmill. A big glass shower with granite and a rain shower head would be cool. I’d probably go solid white or black outside shell. A brand new bus costs usually around $1.5 million dollars depending on how extreme you want to go with it.

BH: What is your next step/goals of 2013?

DK: Just keep on working hard and making the most of my year.

BH: Any last words for everyone checking this out??

DK: “Oh my god, thats from my modeling portfolio. They should not be in there, that’s really embarrassing. I’m up to a thousand friends on MySpace, and I could always do with more.”

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