BUZZNET Exclusive: Brian Logan Dales Shares His Prom Memories!

Prom season is in the air SO I felt it was only necessary for me to share my personal prom memories with you all. Here goes nothing!

What was your high school prom these?

BD: “The Roaring 1920s!”

Did you go with a friend or someone you had a crush on?

BD: I went with a friend, who was and still is one of the most beautiful and intelligent human beings I know. We’ve actually reconnected five years later because she is a model and lives in LA as well. The world is small. Meet and go follow @katelynpascavis on twitter!

What did you wear to prom?

BD: I decided to just attach a photo of myself and the wonderful @katelynpascavis!

Let’s pretend my hair NEVER looked like that.

How did your date ask you to Prom? Or how did you ask them?

BD: She went to a different school during our senior year, so her best friend and I left school early and went to her high school. We wrapped her car in streamers and balloons, then snuck into her car and put a cd in with a song I wrote her asking her to prom. It was called “Little Piano” and I think I still remember every word.

What would be on your prom playlist?

1. I’ll Be – Edwin McCain (the ULTIMATE slow dance song)

2. I Want You Back – The Jackson 5 (my favorite song to dance to ever)

3. Wait For You – Elliott Yamin (I danced to this song after I won Homecoming King that year and can’t seem to forget that)

3. American Pie – Don MclLan (I requested this song at every school dance I ever went to. Reminds me of summers growing up in Northville, Michigan at Meadowbrook.)

4. Shake It – Metro Station (this song was huge around the time of my senior prom)

5. She’s Got The Rhythm – The Summer Set (we had just released this song during my senior year and everyone thought it would be funny to play at our dances. Fun fact: the DJ/production crew that helped out together all my high schools dances/events helped design the light show for the Wake Up And Be Awesome Tour. Shout out to Satyr Entertainment!)

What would be on your prom playlist?

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