Buzznet Breakdown May 26, 2013

Another week of fun has gone by here at Buzznet and we are here to share with you some of our favorite posts from the week! From music, fashion, celeb gossip and more we love all the posts you guys share with us! Take a look at this weeks top posts from some of our fave staff, Buzzmakers and users!

10. Backstage Pass: All Time Low 2008 vs. 2013 Interview Part 1& 2

[kaltura id=0_hazgi4l9 autoplay=0 type=playlist]

We relived some of our fave moments from 2008 with Alex and Jack! Take a look back in the video and comment on your fave moments!

9. Style 101: The Best Ways To Rock A Denim Shirt

Buzzmaker Brandi Cyrus shared her fashion tips with us on the best ways to rock a denim shirt! We just can’t get enough of these looks.

8. 10 Reasons To Dig Ed Sheeran

This guy rules, enough said. He gets a gold star in our book! Here are 10 reasons why you should dig him too!

7. Celebrity Inspired Prom Dress Trends

From sheer to cutouts and more, we have spotted all the top trends on the red carpet this year that you can get inspiration from for your prom dress!

6. Youtube Evolution Of: Hanson

MMMbop is where we all fell in love and still can’t get enough of this boy band today! Take a look back at the evolution of this band of brothers, Hanson.

5. Tell Me Why: Heathers

We LOVE Tell Me Why posts! Because we want to know WHY! Why you like what you like and dislike what you don’t like. User Tina wants to know why she should appreciate the movies Heathers. Go tell her WHY!

4. BUZZNET Exclusive: William Beckett Shares His Prom Memories

Since it is prom season, William Beckett shared some of his prom memories with us! We love the memories!

3. LIGHTS Skate And Surf 2013

Skate and Surf was super fun! We got some amazing pics from some shows. These LIGHTS photos rule! Check them out!

2. Taylor Swift Style Evolution

We love T Swift and her style. She has changed a lot since 2006, check out her style evolution brought to you by Buzzmaker Audrey Kitching!

1. Keep In Touch: Sign All Time Low’s Yearbook!

This is SO EXCITING! We want YOU to sign All Time Low’s year book that we will actually be printing and giving to the guys! Go sign it YAY!

Don’t forget to check back in next week to see if YOUR post made our Buzznet Breakdown!