Buffalo X Solestruck

If you know anything about me, you know that I will not leave house without a pair of epic platforms. Back when I was 11 and the Spice Girls used to feel like the 8th world wonder, they influenced the fashion enough to fill every mall in Estonia with hundreds of pairs of platforms. I remember that I had a black, white and a silver pair and In the forefront of all the companies that were making them were the Buffalos. When the Spice girl/platform craze died down, the German produced Buffalos were also pulled from the market. For years, platform sneakers have been impossible to find so I’ve been hand making my own pairs. To my relief, Buffalo is finally realizing the world is an empty place without their shoes and has produced a couple of amazing collections for solestruck.com.

I’m so stoked. Waiting for a pastel pair to happen still but this is already super epic. I have the pepsi colored pair and I have not been able to take a single step with someone wanting to talk to me about my shoes. It’s been a pretty amazing icebreaker:) Check out the gallery of their newest stuff below.