Brandi’s Weekend Beauty Tips

Happy Sunday! I have really been into beauty products as of late. (Actually who I am kidding, i’ve ALWAYS been into beauty products. i’m a regular product junkie.) Soooo I wanted to share some of my favorite products with you guys. A few newly discovered and a few that are long time favs of mine. Enjoy!


By far my biggest beauty concern is always my under eye puffiness/circles/aging issues. I have tried many many concealers, and I have finally come across a WINNER. Tarte’s Aracuja Creaseless Concelear is unparalleled in my opinion as far as best coverage goes. Try it and I swear you’ll never go back to whatever you were using before. What i love about this, is that I can just put on this concealer, a tiny bit of bronzer and mascara and be out the door!


If you’ve never tried one of these, i HIGHLY recommend it. Even if you’re not too crazy about skincare and products and all that, a good microderm scrub once a week can really get your skin glowing. Did you know that there’s this nasty layer of dead skin cells on top of your face, and it makes it so that the products (sometimes expensive!) that you put on to hydrate and smooth ect ect can’t penetrate the dead skin to even be benefitting you! So scrubbing off that top layer allows the moisturizing and anti aging products or whatever your poison is to actually do what they’re supposed to! You’ll feel the difference after one scrub. Rodan + Fields makes an incredible one and it’ll last you for a good while. And a fun little fact is that i’m actually a consultant for this company (i use a ton of their producuts!) and you can get it off my website! Just CLICK HERE to check it out!

3. Nail Polish Strips

OK you may have tried what i like to call “sticker nails” before… but these are THE BEST. Total game changer for me because I’m super hard on my nails… i bite them which I know is terrible. But also between the guitar playing and the horse grooming I have a really hard time keeping my nails looking good. The gel manicure is supposedly terrible for you, with the UV lights you have to put your hands under and the straight acetone soak you have to do to get them off. I’ve tried the Minx stickers and they only stay on a few days. Low and behold, I tried the Incoco Nail Polish Strips recently and I am HOOKED! They come in all kinds of different colors and patterns, they’re gentle on your nails, and they stay on for weeks! Some nail places have them, but you can also order your own off their website for really cheap, and you can probably even learn to appy them yourself pretty easily! Check it out!

4. DIY Self Tanner

Alright I admit I stole this from Free People’s incredible blog. So technically this is a re blog. But I loved this and had to try it, and it’s actually pretty cool! I made mine to just give my legs a SUBTLE glow. My arms tend to stay tan all year because i’m outside riding horses so much. But my legs are hidden away in breeches and tall boots, so they hardly see the sun. Here’s the link for you to check out how to make your own shade of self tanner!

See how to do it here.

5. Coral Lipstick

I’m not a HUGE lipstick wearer but every now and then when I don’t want to put on any eye makeup, i’ll go for a lip color. I’ve really been into the coral shades for Spring! If there are any other fellow redheads out there, you know that it can be tricky finding lipsticks that look good. Nars makes a really great coral shade that’s subtle and pretty called Casablanca.

Try some of these and let me know what you think!!!