Blake Lively And Martha Stewart: Time Travelers?

Blake Lively and Martha Stewart have spoken about how close they are. The two are neighbors in Connecticut. Blake, 25, has said that Martha comes over for parties at her home with Ryan Reynolds. Martha’s magazine was the only publication to get photos of the couple’s wedding. Blake has even said that she idolizes Martha!

However, could the two be more connected than they’re letting on? Martha’s old modeling photos have recently been released and she’s a dead ringer for Blake! The two have the same strong chin, prominent nose, pouty lips and defined features. Not to mention, they both can rock big, sexy hair!

Okay, so they’re probably not time travelers. But, there’s no denying that these ladies have more in common than their love of a good cupcake recipe. Perhaps Martha sees a lot of herself in Blake, and that’s why the two have forged such a close bond.

Do you see the resemblance?