Austin Mahone VS Justin Bieber: Who Does It Better?

Ok SO I have been seeing MTV mentioning this up and coming talent that goes by the name of Austin Mahone. I wasn’t sure who he was and as of today I checked him out and immediately thought of the best post idea. He seems a lot like Justin Bieber to me even though they are clearly very different.

I decided to leave it to YOU all to tell me your thoughts with a fun little game of “Who does it better!?”

1. Rocking a lettermans jacket

2. Showing off their…abs!? (how do these youngsters get abs so easily anyways?)

3. The typical car photoshoot pose

4. Doing cute stuff

5. Singing and winning you over with your favorite rappers

So…whether you are a fan of these talented young fellows or not, what are your thoughts on this? Who has your vote?