Yes you read that right !!! My husband surprised me for Mother’s Day with 200 Lady Bugs ……. I just adore them and can’t wait to release them in my garden. We have a cold spell on the way so I won’t release them until at least Tuesday. They come packed with food so they will be fine until then. I also put them in my garage so they are kept a bit cool and in the dark to keep them unactive. Here they are in their container ……

And here’s the other side of the container and you can see them in piles on the bottom. I had them in the warm house and they woke up and were very active wanting to get out. As long as they are kept cool they aren’t stressed out. It will be fun to release them at dusk so they can spend the night on my plants and hopefully stay in my yard. They are great predators of the BAD bugs in the garden, one can eat hundreds of aphids in one day. this species is the Convergent Ladybug Beetle and have 13 spots and found everywhere in North America 😀

This is the bush I will release most of them into it gets lot’s of aphids a year it’s called a Bridal Wreath I cut it down last fall to encourage better growth so it looks quite small but it grows to about 6 to 7 feet tall ……

Those 2 bricks is where my Ladybug house sits I haven’t put it out there yet, but here’s a photo of it …….

I thought I would show you a few photos of my yard it’s still a work in progress though …..

Since my mom passed away 4 years ago on Mother’s Day I thought it would be nice to put her and my father’s rocks in a basket to display. They were rocks they collected from the beach and I brought them home with me when I was cleaning out their house in 2006 …….

My ferns always look nice this time of the year but as soon as it gets hot they die off …….

OH and this one tulip is still there the squirrels didn’t bite it’s head off and the deer didn’t eat it YET !!!

I spent a lot of time in April re-building the waterfall on my pond it leaked last year so I wasn’t able to use it but hopefully this year it will be better. I still don’t have it working yet there is more to do. I filled the pond on Friday but the waterfall now can be worked on outside of the pond. It should be running by the weekend …. I have a lot more stone to put in place …. Wish me LUCK 😀

Well I hope you enjoyed my little photo blog and my NEW CHILDREN 😀

BTW …. My husband gave me another Mother’s Day gift you will see that this week sometime 😀