10 Reasons To Dig Ed Sheeran

I spent my morning watching last night’s Billboard Music Awards highlights. What an evening of craziness… from the often bizarre red carpet fashion choices, to the overzealous speeches by teenage pop stars, to the high-production, but questionably sung performances. I mean this happened:

Which I can sort of deal with because this happened:

The saving grace of the show, besides the appearance of the legend that is Prince, was without a doubt the restrained and spot on performance by the ginge from across the pond, Ed Sheeran. He just did what he does and sang quite wonderfully while playing acoustic guitar. There were no fireworks or elaborate set dressings, just singing and strumming. His performance got me thinking… man, Ed’s a pretty cool dude and there are many reasons to respect and enjoy his presence in the pop music scene these days. So, let’s break it down. Here are a few reasons why Ed is A-OK with a gold star.

1. He has glorious ginger hair, much like some of Britain’s finest fellas.

2. He used to stutter as a child, but #itgotwaybetter!

3. EdSheer has morals and won’t bow down to a journalist’s pressure to talk about romantic relationships.

4. He freestyle raps in an American accent.

5. He expertly uses phrases such as crumbling like pastries, lego house, and paint you by numbers in his songs.

6. Screw the haters! Ed still rocks the short sleeve tee over long sleeve tee look because not every pop star needs a stylist and drop crotch pantaloons.

7. He writes tunes and duets with T-Swift

8. Dude can sing live and get his loop on

9. As mentioned previously, him (and PRINCE) kinda redeemed last night’s Billboard Awards

10. And lastly, this GIF

In conclusion, thanks Ed for staying intact through the music industry machine!

What do you think of Ed’s Billboard Performance?