You’re Doing It Wrong: Kim Kardashian Is Botching Pregnancy Style

By now, it’s common knowledge that Kim Kardashian is failing at maternity style. Being pregnant is obviously awkward, and Kim’s curves no doubt make it challenging to dress for her new shape, but with her access to designers, tailors and stylists, there is no excuse for Kim to be messing this up so badly. Other stars have proven that pregnancy can be a time where personal style actually flourishes (Jessica Alba almost dresses better when she’s pregnant!).

Kim has worn so many baffling pieces since getting pregnant. From peplum pants and belly baring tops to wide-legged slacks and waist-cinching, a-line skirts (and let’s not forget her propensity for leather and pencil skirts), Kanye West‘s girlfriend has consistently chosen unflattering styles to dress her changing body.

Check out some of Kim’s oddest outfit choices, and how other celebrity moms have made the same styles work during their own pregnancies.

Message to readers: To clarify, the intent of this article was absolutely not to call Kim Kardashian fat. As a pregnant lady, her body should change (we should be worried if it didn’t!). Kim is a fashionista and has become known for her signature style. Her pregnancy has been an opportunity for her to experiment with fashion. The purpose of this article was not to judge her body, but to make a comment on her style choices.