Would You Ever Get A Band Tattoo?

I am a huge fan of tattoos hence why I have a ton all over the place. I got my first tattoo the day after my 18th birthday and 5 years later I am still going. I have tattoos for so many different reasons, each one carries a very specific memory that I will hold near and dear to me until the day I die. Even if my tattoos look weird or meaningless to someone else, I know why I got them and what they mean to me.

I constantly hear the following questions: “What is your favorite?” “Do you regret any?” “Do they hurt?” and so on. I actually have 4 “band related” tattoos that not just anyone may know. Whether it is a song lyric or a symbol, I love them for their own reasons.

Today Jesse Lawson from Sleeping With Sirens posted a photo on his Instagram of a fan tattoo that was a FULL sleeve. I was blown away it made me so happy to see that the band is doing exactly what they wanted from day 1…inspiring people with their music.

This got me thinking…

Would YOU ever get a band inspired tattoo? if so, what would you get?