William Beckett Hotel Cafe Show Review

Hey There My Fellow Music Lovers,

I got the pleasure of getting to see the very talented musician who goes by the name, William Beckett, perform last night at Hotel Cafe in Hollywood! For those of you who are not sure who he is, you may recognize him from the AMAZING band that once was, The Academy Is.

After leaving work excited to see Beckett perform solo for the first time I headed to Hotel Cafe with my close pal, Kate Cordova, who you may know on Buzznet! We arrived at the adorable, candle lit cafe one song into his set. Kate got ready to take photos as I sat back and enjoyed what was about to be one of my favorite shows ever.

The show consisted of Beckett playing songs off of his past 2 EPs alongside his “Band In A Box” as he chose to call it, which was in fact just a Macbook. I will say that with his incredible lyrics and beautiful vocals aside he has always been one to make jokes and interact with the crowd perfectly.

After a few songs and hilarious stories about ear piercing and slam dunks, he let us in on some VERY exciting news, he just recently signed to Equal Vision Records! He also finished recording a new album in Chicago that he will release through them. APPLAUSE PLEASE! YAY!

The best part was that he let us hear some OLD tunes from The Academy Is which brought a big smile to my face and had all off my high school memories rushing in. It was all a wonderful case of nostalgia. I for some reason was un aware that he was going to be on all of the Vans Warped Tour as well, so another YAY moment!

With that said, the show was wrapped up with some kind words and lots of applause…overall I was yet again impressed beyond belief. He has been a consistent part of my life through the touring and music world and I was so proud to see that he is still doing VERY well. Cheers to you Mr. Beckett, keep the amazing tunes coming because…I’ll be listening!!

What is your favorite The Academy Is or William Beckett song?