Why You Should Be Listening To The 1975

The 1975 have become an obsession of mine ever since SXSW. They have a sound is unique, they have an infectious cool factor and tons of mystic surrounding them. Their set at SXSW was so impressive that I search high and low for as much information on these Manchester natives as possible when I got home.

Today Last.fm aimed to kill my anxiousness to see them live again and posted his amazing acoustic video of their song, “Sex.” The video is simple, beautiful and just tugs as hard as possible at my heartstrings. #musicrules.

I could tell Matthew would deliver such a heartbreaking performance given his timid persona. When I approached him after his SXSW set he was painfully bashful, and kind and yeah — he is a babe. That accent! It was great to see all of that reflected in simple acoustic performance. I honesty think I might have actually fall in love watching this; I bet you will as well. This video is why you should be listening to The 1975 – they have a lot to offer.

And there is also this rad interview with Matthew sharing his thoughts on music/being in a band. Again, falling in love.

What do you think of The 1975?

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