Why hope is death?

Whoop!! Whoop!!! I don’t know why I love these words but always make me smile. Today is the next days from the series: “Why hope is death?”. Yes it’s not a joke. Last week’s brought to me just pain and tears. The stuffs are hard to talk about it but I want to touch happiness and enjoy this bubble life.

I want to hide these negative things from my life but one kicks me still. Yes, I’m not healthy. Unfortunately I have hernia. And I see everything so sadness. Wow, I don’t believe that I say about it here. In Tuesday the doctor will say me more. Yeah, and I’ll more sad.

My dreams will not come true. Never!!! I want to be professional writer but you know life kicks. Here we can’t see fair moments. I need to have a job but thank you so much hernia for changing my life. I want to create cool stuffs but even someday I’ll must to say goodbye Buzznet and be alone with life without any art. Thinking about it makes me so much down.

And my twigs, special for you the next photo 🙂