Watch Episode 5 Of The Summer Set’s ‘Legendary’ Series

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The Summer Set has offically released their third full-length album, but from what the band has told us this album is their best work yet. Legendary reflects a lot of the growing pains and realizations that Brian Logan Dales, Jess Bowen, John Gomez, Josh Montgomery and Stephen Gomez have experienced over the last year. While we would love to break down Legendary for you, we thought the band would be better suited to tell you exactly what this album means to them. In this new series we caught up with the band in Los Angeles and sat each of them down to get their insight and thoughts on this new body of work. We will feature a new episode each day and pick up Legendary in stores now!

Happy release day TSS!

So enjoy Buzznet Presents: The Summer Set ‘Legendary’ Series.

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