Use SkyDrive to Share Your Work With Employers!

We always talk about the best ways to share your online portfolios, blogs, and sample writing with potential employers. As you all know, I recently switched from GMAIL over to and with that, I’ve been using all of Microsoft’s latest products. One of their products that I’ve found extremely useful is SkyDrive.

SkyDrive allows me to share any work, proposals, PowerPoints, documents, or PDFs with colleagues, students, employers, business professionals, or even my friends. The best thing about SkyDrive is that it’s so easy – and FREE – to share your documents and files with other people. You can literally send your documents to ANYONE you choose, and they can easily view them or even make changes, comments, and suggestions for you. Many students have started to use this to share their online portfolios of presentations or sample writing with potential employers or internship coordinators.

The employers that I work with really like this method of sharing previous work and information and are encouraging more students to use this. When you get a chance, check out SkyDrive here, where I’ve uploaded a POWERPOINT on my work to give you a sense of how you can do it! For all of you college students, you can get 3 months of Office 365 free and an extra 20GB of SkyDrive storage when you sign up here: