Thought Blog: What Is Love?

Remember when this is how you felt about love?

Ok if that didn’t make your day I don’t know what will! That video makes me smile but also bums me out because that is what we all thought love was at its purest form. When you are a kid you base love off of what you have felt that was real, not about style, money, how cute they are but how that person or thing you LOVED made you feel.

I feel like as you get older that all starts to change…but why?

I wonder if over time after heart ache, dissappointment, the media or just growing up and changing you have to let go of that purity to protect yourself. I am not saying true love isn’t real at any age, it sure can be, it is just so interesting to take a step back and look at how much it has changed. Back when we had boys chase girls it gave us a crazy rush and now we do the same thing in just a VERY different manner.

Remember when you would pass notes to a boy or girl you liked or you thought they had had “cooties”? Now we all worry way too much about how skinny we are, how tall they are, if he’s cheating on you, all this crazy stuff.

I feel like we really could take a lesson from the youth because they have yet to let what matters slip out of their minds, they are so straight forward and honest because it is all they know.

So basically my point is…if these little kiddies can smile when they think of love, you can too! We need to all stop questioning things so much and over thinking and start just living in the moment. Plus I mean I still love riding bikes, writing with chalk and Mickey Mouse so not TOO much has changed right?

What are your thoughts on love?