Tell Me Why: Jonas Brothers

I have enjoyed writing these ‘Tell Me Why’ posts and getting all of your wonderful feedback, so today I need to ask all of you why I should get excited the JoBros are back in action.

Because honestly, Jonas Brothers; I don’t get it.

Sure they had that one sort of catchy song “Burnin’ Up” back in 2008. I kind of got the appeal of that one, but tell me why they’re coming back?!

Oh hey, Selena Gomez.

What do you guys all love about them in 2013? From their new single, and their at times comical music video for the song “Pom Poms” – I don’t see or hear anything that will make me want to run out and grab tickets to see these guys live. Especially if Nick Jonas, who seems like he is a talented guy, is going to keep dancing. I have listened to the song a few times and I just don’t get it.

Eavie has an amazing reaction post for the video you should all read.

These brothers had some major success back in 2007/2008 and I didn’t get it then — and I REALLY don’t get it now. Popular music has stepped up its game since 2008 with a wider range of music being embraced on top 40 radio. Hello fun., Robyn and Gotye. What will make these bros standout against artists like that? Do they just want to appeal to tweens? Why are we singing about pom poms! What is going on!?

Take a deep breath Sara.

I want to like these adorable pop stars, so help me. Maybe I am looking (and listening) at all of this the wrong way. You’re all tuned into what’s cool and why you love the music you love. So, tell me why I should like The Jonas Brothers. #musicrules.

Do you like The Jonas Brothers?

And if you have a free moment tell me why I should like Lana Del Rey, Beach House and Frank Ocean while you are at it.

Let’s talk music, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.