Taylor Swift’s Arms Just Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop At The ACMs!

Taylor Swift‘s arms are the star of 2013. Both limbs have lived in the shadow of her curly locks for years, only used for scribbling song lyrics, strumming chords, and representing the number 13.

All this changed with the release of Red. TSwift has chilled on the hair flips and flops and moved onto arm shakes and shimmies like nobody’s business.

At first, it was kinda cute and precious. But, after awhile it was like…

On the real, things like this were happening:

And this!

And even this!

Then last night while performing at the ACM‘s with Tim McGraw, Tswift’s arms really got their party on.

I mean, I’m all for a bit of artistic flare and I love me some Motown-style choreography, but in my humble opinion Tay Tay has gone a tad too far. I think the world loves her for being relatable and sweet and for writing tons of hit songs you can sing along to with your girlfriends, but those amazingly delicate, super toned arms of hers need a break! Check out her performance and you be the judge!

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What did you think of Taylor Swift’s ACM Performance?