Tattoo Artist Spotlight: Michael Blackstone

Hey all,

I have told you all many many times that I am not only covered in tattoos that mean the world to me but I LOVE then in general. To me tattoos are a form of art that showcase an important event or memory in your life. Whether it is a fun “crew” tattoo or a beautiful portrait of a loved one…they are all special to me.

This past saturday i got a VERY meaningful tattoo of my Nauna who has passed away tatted on me. My artist,Michael Backstone, who did the sunflower on my hand (it is amazing) did the portrait because his work literally makes my jaw drop! Blacksone is located in the Los Angeles area if any of you are looking for a great new artist, add him on Instagram HERE!

Here is a gallery of some of his work, let me know which is YOUR favorite! I even included my own tattoos at the beginning!