My weekend updated – Bye bye March

Hey my weekend was so gewd! I can’t believe that i enjoyed so much this time that i spent with my closer friends.

First, friday i spent my time with my best friend Made

Second, saturday was great 🙂 I attended to the Hanami Festival Club, basically it was an event which many people that like so much anime, comic and manga shared time, also they can buy stuff related with anime, comic and manga, many games about PS3, XBOX and more. I spent with friends that i couldn’t see for a while…. was good<3

And third, my sunday got incredible, This day was Joffre’s birthday, he is my brother in law, My sister, he and me went to the Parque Histórico at Samborodón, we can see a lot animals, plants and many funny stuff representative of our city Guayaquil. Then was the birthday party, I met his family and they were so adorables, but i finished out this day going to a wake.. xo