Sitting down with pop rock powerhouse Never Shout Never

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The multitalented and multifaceted mind of Cristofer Drew has kept him and his band alive and relevant in the tumultuous music scene, a difficult thing to do these days. The mastermind behind power pop rock outfit Never Shout Never orchestrated the release of the band’s fourth full-length album Indigo last fall, followed by a successful national headlining tour.

The record was released on Drew’s own label Loveway Records, in conjunction with Warner Brother Records. Never Shout Never– Cristofer Drew (vocals/guitar), Taylor MacFee (bass), and Hayden Kaiser (percussion)- is thrilled about Indigo, the direction it took the band musically, and how fans are reacting to it. I got the chance to chat with the charming Drew and he opened up about the progression of his music, being inspired by Big Brother, and his love of Yoda.

How do you like performing in Colorado? Are the fans good to you? Does the altitude really affect you?

We love playing in Colorado. The fans are so sweet. The altitude makes me feel high.

Your fourth full-length album Indigo dropped recently and it is really, really great. What was your goal for this record?

Indigo was the bridge from our psychedelic record Time Travel to a more relatable and positive sound.

Are there any songs on the album that you were initially reluctant to release, perhaps because they pushed you in a new musical direction or because they didn’t quite fit with the rest of the tracks?

Nope, the recording process went very smooth and didn’t track any duds this time round.

It’s hard to choose just one, but I think “Lust” is my favorite song on the new record. What are the origins of the song?

It came from a breakup with a long time girlfriend. I we were just having trust issues.

What’s the strangest thing to ever inspire a song?

Big Brother…we’re watching you.

As your repertoire of songs grows, how do you pick the set list every night?

We mostly play songs that we know are fun for the crowd. Although, we do slide in a couple more left of center tracks.

What’s the most difficult song to play live, whether it’s from a technical or emotional standpoint?

Damn Dog” is pretty tough.

If you could have anyone in the world as the #1 fan of Never Shout Never, who would it be and why?

Yoda, so I could be his apprentice.