Secrets To AMAZING Skin: My Skin Care Regime

I would have to say the #1 compliment I receieve daily is that I have nice skin. I find this quite funny because if you knew me growing up and into my early 20’s I had really bad skin and constant acne. I never had rolling acne, I would just have 4-5 HUGE inflamed welts of red on my face at all times. I take great pride in my skincare and my routine, and I thought I would share it with you. I actually feel for the most part, that I am aging backwards. I think you can all see from my fashion evolution that my skin looks 10 times better than it did in my twenties.


First off: I eat totally healthy and AMAZING skin comes from within. Tons of greens and I stay away from refine sugars and coffee. (when I need a sweet I choose dark chocolate, which is actually GOOD for skin.) Also, many girls who have acne have their nasty hormones to blame, I take birth control to help combat this, but you can also take Zinc Liver Chelate.

This is my recipe for an AMAZING at home facial that will leave your face PERFECT-o.

#1- Wash you face normally with a clarisonic tool.

#2- Apply the Keihl’s Microdermabrasion and scrub like a mad fool for at least 3 minutes. I mean, get crazy, think “personal sandpaper” sometimes I scrub so hard it burns a little. 🙂 Rinse.

#3- Apply the Bliss Rubber Mask using a stick. It’s crazy goopy, and will dry on your face like a weird rubber mask and then you have to pull it off, which I find to be sort of fun.

#4- Apply a thick layer of Kate Somerville’s Enyzme mask. It’s green and looks totally gross, but it basically eats away at your skin using enyzmes, and that sounds gross but is totally awesome. (warning: this mask BURNS when you put it on, it is supposed to…it’s burning off your scars, zits, old skin and wrinkles.)

#5- Rinse face and apply a giant glob of La Mer all over your face and neck. Yes, La Mer is stupidly expensive, but I have never found any item that is MORE worth it. It is your FACE! It’s all you have. I’m okay with spending the money…(and if not…go score a sample from the counter…weekly.)

#6- Apply keihl’s Cucumber Eye treatment around your eyes. I like to use so much of this product that it sits on top of my skin in it’s green color, and then I just let it SINK into my eyes. IT’s magical.


-WEAR SUNSCREEN. (I stopped going in the sun in 2004.)

-Get IPL photofacials every 6 months. They burn off all your old pigment and scars and totally work.

-If you are over the age of 30, a teenie, tiny pinch of botox in your forehead will work wonders 😉

I hope this helps some of you. Let me know what products you love in the comments below, esp. if you have any less $$$$ options that others should know about!