I thought it was time to post the photos of some license plates and car stickers I haven’t posted before. Some are kind of funny or maybe I had no idea what they mean. I see some crazy things on cars here but sadly sometimes it’s just impossible to photograph them. But these I have collected though the years …..

I had to add this store that looked good along the way 😀

I loved this one because the saying around the license plate said Betty Boop she’s so fine 😀

Lot’s of dirty cars after all the snow we had 😀

And poor Spongebob !!! He has taken a ride for a long time by the look of him 😀

And this has to be the best license plate I’ve ever seen …… It says EL 10 JOHN !! I took this though my dirty side window as the people were trying to back out of their parking spot. I was determined to get this photo even though it wasn’t very good 😀

I stopped at Billy Joel Park last week to take some photos of Cold Spring Harbor. He does dock his boat there when he’s in town. I got some of the rocky sand from the beach area in the shell 😀

So I hope you enjoyed looking at some of the silly stickers and plates on the cars from around Long Island 😀