REMINDER: Paramore Kicking Off 4 Night Album Stream Tonight

For any Paramore fans who are looking to spice up their evening, tonight the band will be straming Side A of their new album Paramore on as part of their “4 Sides/ 4 Nights” promotion. Each night a new side will be avalible for streaming in preperation of the album’s premiere on April 9th.

No word on when the stream will start, but here are the dates.

UPDATE! The fun starts at 7pm EST

Side A: Monday, April 1stSide B: Tuesday, April 2ndSide C: Wednesday, April 3rdSide D: Thursday, April 4th

Here is the band’s official announcement about the “4 Sides/4 Nights” stream. You can also pre-order the album coming April 9th here. I already did : )

Are you going to tune in?

Let’s talk music, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.