Question Of The Day: Which Shows Did You Grow Up Watching?

I can’t think of anything to write about today because I think I am still asleep, except not really because I am typing and listening to Frank Turner.

~ Just wanna do this today ~

You know, I am tired a lot. Sometimes I think I need a nap but then when I nap, I don’t wake up and wind up sleeping too much. After that, I am all groggy and if you guessed “even more tired,” you are correct. It’s a no win type of thing.

Yeah better not

So anymews, as I was over at the Twitter looking at things to talk about, I found out that “kiwi” was a trending topinc in New Zealand and it made me laugh on the inside instead of the outside because I would hate for anyone to think I have emotions.

I steal everything from internet

Let’s talk about more Twitter stuff. Mostly, let’s talk about the trending topic #IGrewUpWatching. This is where I tell you about my many days watching Beverly Hills 90210 and The Pirates of Dark Water. Oh and He Man/She Ra.


Which shows did you grow up watching?