Question Of The Day: Who Were Your Teen Idols?

Happy All Star Month, Berznert! Are you all hard at work thinking about all of your favorite things in that weird way that Oprah does her Favorite Things?

Oprah is weird. She is not making my All Star List.

Anyways, today’s mighty question comes from a blog that I read over in the Land of Dora. Mostly this blog is all full of people from yester-year and it is glorious. You should read it. It’s full of pictures of Avril La-whatever not being a butt goblin and Davey Havok being all in the throws of December Underthings and he’s all pretty.

Well duh. I am really pretty. Go shave your back hair, Regina

Today, let us to talk about who our teen idols were. We can talk about how I was in love with this guy:

Oh and I was really into this band:

Basically, anything that was sad or angry was my heart. It still is but in the form of internet cats. I don’t know what was wrong with me. I still don’t. Sometimes I think that all the sad music makes me sad but GDI, that’s just how I feel inside.

So now it’s your turn. You should tell me things about people that you liked when you were a tweenager. If you still are in your teen years, you can tell me about stuff you like now or reach back far into the recesses of your mind and tell me who you liked when you were a baby. This should be fun.

Who were your teen idols?