Question Of The Day: People Are Still Good, Right?

Yesterday was a strange day. As Sara Scoggins and I were heading back to Los Angeles from Coachella, we started to get word that something was happening in Boston. As a lot of you know, yesterday’s Boston Marathon was marred by tragedy as a set of explosions wounded and killed participants and bystanders.

Image: Reuters

Naturally, things like this make me question what we are all doing on this planet if this is the type of thing that we do to each other. The people in our lives can be pulled out by a violent grip and it’s really unfair. Life is often tragic.

The thing about tragedy (at least in my experience) is that when things go wrong, there are often people that don’t want you to feel as bad as you do. Thank goodness for all the people out there that care enough to take care of others when others need to be taken care of.

Random Acts of Kindness:


And so what am I getting at, exactly? Well, I still think that people are good. No matter what happens out there, the majority of us still care for one another and we’ll be here when you need us.

Feel free to post any sentiments you have below. Stay safe out there and love one another.