Question Of The Day: Holy Carps It’s April & Hard To Break Habits

Happy After Bunny Day, Buzznet! Did you have you fill of hallow chocolates and peeps? What did you all do for Zombie Jesus time? You should tell me. I like when you tell me things.

I have a shirt of this and I didn’t wear it yesterday because I didn’t want to make my mom sad on Jesus Day 🙁

Anymews, this morning has mostly been me reading a bunch of stuff about space and gravity while I listen to new Cold Cave. Oh and then The Swellers released a single and mostly well, you should find out for thine self.

Today has been a . ~ * D R E A M * ~ . Nevar wake me up

It really seems like April is off to quite the start. I hope it’s not one of those things where like O EVERYTHING IS AWSUM and then like a little while later, everything is just:

In other news, the new Paramore album leaked and I am D I E I N G because reaons. They are also streaming stuff over nights on their .net site so if you want to get in on that, take a mosey on over and stuff.

And now is the part where I stop being excited about April (even though I won’t really) and give you the Question of the Day:

Which habits do you find it hard to break?

We’ve done “habits you want to break” already but this is all about habits that you find it hard to kick. I guess for me it’s that thing where like, I am all lazy and stuff. I procrastinate a bunch, too. I kind of think those are the same thing. I really should get myself together sometime.

What about you? Do you have habits that you know you should break but you just can’t? Tell me things. Happy April! Don’t forget to check out this month’s theme and such: All Star Month On Buzznet! Ciao!