Question Of The Day: #BackIn7thGrade

Today in fun, there isn’t any. JK! There is plenty because mostly today it is Friday and I am ready to hang with my franz. Not really, I have to double work at the restaurant because I like money. When I have money, I can spend it on beer and other delectable delights.

It seems that I am talking about beer and other things that are very 21+ and I know some of you don’t drink, so my apologies. Anyway, let’s talk about things:

~ If you look at the top right corner where it says 91/92, that’s me in 7th Grade ~

Look at me. I was quite a hot mess. My ID from when I lived in Bad Kreuznach is there, as well as my Aqua Cadet card from when I was a babby. Oh and then there was me during Halloween wearing a cape and some make up and me being all rebel rebel with mai blue har in High School. Also, my Bartman shirt was very 7th grade. My glasses were awesome.

Anymews, #BackIn7thGrade, I had like, 5 friends. I don’t know if that was a lot or not. We were nerds I guess. All of us were on Honor Roll, people would copy our homework, cheat off our tests, and none of the other groups of kids liked us. I remember that not being such a big deal. We were oblivious to our social outcast status. During our lunch, we would go the super far area away from everything to eat alone. No one knew we were there, which was awesome. We would make fun of each other and draw and read Nintendo Power and talk about music. That was it.

I guess it stayed that way pretty much till High School but that’s another story. Yay! What about you?

What were you like back in 7th grade?