Photo Assignment: We’re Doing a Throwback Thursday!

Howdy Berznertz!

How is everything going for you today? Hopefully you are doing better than I am, for I have the sniffles. It’s okay though, for I get to snuggle with Moo the Dog and watch Ancient Aliens as I come up with things for us to do. Hopefully you all shall join me on this advencharmander.


If you don’t know what “Throwback Thursday” is, well let me tell you. Mostly it’s just an old pic of you that you post on a Thursday. Then you get to tell us what exactly was going on in the photo and when it was taken. Easy, right?

Here is an example:

~ Me in the early 80s ~

The photo on the top left is me watering my memaw’s garden at her house in Montebello. I still wear shorts like that. The photo on the bottom left is a picture of my sister friends and myself. I was petting Lucky the Dog, who sadly was smashed by a car when we went camping. The photo is also us at the house that we grew up in. Yay! Oh tnen that is my sister’s cat, Lady. We were friends. I think she ran away but she had a bunch of kittens and we always had cats after.

And so that’s it. If you have a fun photo, please to share it with us! We love when you all post your smiling faces and such. If you don’t have a photo, write a blog or post a video. We want you all to play!

The assignment is due on:

8 May 2013

That is a Wednesday. I will post all the results on Thursday. W00t! Don’t forget to let me know if you do this so I can include you in the round up! Happy posting!

Will you celebrate Throwback Thursday with us?