Mondays With Britney Spears [A Day In GIFs]

Mondays are a huge hassle for everyone… even though today I wasn’t at Uni because in the weekend I’ve been in my Uni’s city because I collaborated for the music for a fashion show, I wanted to stay at home for a while and don’t see my Uni’s city for a while, I’m really really tired and I need a little break, then I have also to study so, home sweet home!

By the way, let’s see how it could be our typical Monday through the wonderful GIFS of Britney Spears. 7:30 am – Time to wake up.

7:35 am – Wake up to pet licking your face.

8:00 am – Seriously. Wake the fuck up.

8:50 am – Don’t be late. Don’t be late. Don’t be late.

9:00 am – Morning meeting.

9:01 am – Morning meeting.

9:02 am – Morning meeting.

10 am – Co-worker you can’t stand asks how your weekend was.

11:00 am – OK, I’m awake. Let’s get to work.

12:00 pm –

12:30 pm – Co-worker asks you to lunch.

12:45 Faking giving a shit at lunch with your co-worker.

1:00 pm – Back at work and your boss asks ‘how was lunch?’

1:10 pm – Overhearing a co-worker gossip about how ~drunk they got this weekend.~

1:11 pm – You know you were drunker.

2:00 pm – Chug that 5-hour energy!

3:00 pm – They want that project done by when?!

4:30 pm – Almost 5.

5:00 pm – FREEDOM!

5:01 pm – Boss asks you to finish one last thing. ‘It’ll just take a minute.’

6:01 pm

6:05 pm – and one more for good measure.

You can do it! Friday is just around the corner…

How did you spent or are you spending this Monday?