Mimi K’s All Star Month Blog – German Music

I thought to write a new blog about “All Star Month” since I felt inspired.

This time I chose to talk about German music, in particular about an amazing girl band, unfortunately not together anymore but that I still love a lot.

Thanks to Tokio Hotel, in 2007 I started to close to German music more than before. Before to know them, I only listened Samy Deluxe, Rammstein, Nena and I knew about Alphaville, Falco, Kraftwerk, Andrea Berg and Helene Fischer for German music, from 2007 I discovered: Silbermond, Juli, Nevada Tan, Sido, Cassandra Steen, Jimi Blue, Xaiver Naidoo, Luttemberger Klug and Monrose (probably I missed few artists…).

And Monrose are the girl band I wanna talk about in this blog.

[from left: Senna, Bahar and Mandy]

The story of Monrose starts with the German talent show POPSTARS, a sort of school for find great singers to lunch in German area, able also to dance and entertain on a stage. It’s the 5th edition and after the NO ANGELS brokeup, the first famous German girlband, the teutonic country needed to new angels, like said the subtitle of the show.

After several months, three girls have been chose. and on November 23, 2006 Monrose were born.

Senna Guemmour (December 28, 1979), half German and half Tunisian; Bahar Kizil (October 5, 1988), half German and half Turkish and Mandy Grace Capristo (March 21, 1990) of Italian origin are the new German angels.

Their voice are awesome: Senna studied also hip hop and Mandy is considered the German Beyonce for her powerful voice.

On December 1, 2006 they release their first single “Shame”, an amazing ballad and it’s something of new. It’s hard to debut with a ballad, usually all the artists chooses a catchy song, usually dance with easy beats and not a ballad, it’s a hazzard but the three girls are really talent and the song reaches the first place in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Poland and so their first album “Temptation”

The year later they release the second album “Strictly Physical”, the first single as the same name of the album and I have to say that I heard it in radio also in Italy when I was at Deichmann shoes store in my city and I was like: OMG These are Monrose! I was really happy!

In 2008 arrives their third album “I Am” and two years later “Ladylike” recorded in New York after several problems with the Warner, their record labels which accused the girls to don’t have sold a lot of copies with “I Am” so the girls work their butt of for their fourth and last album.

“Like a Lady”, “This Is Me” and “Breathe You In” are the three singles extracted from this album.

Exactly four years later the three girls announce their break-up not because they didn’t work well together, they were like sisters but because record label discussion and also because they expressed more than once the wish to work as solists.

Mandy last year released her first solo album called “Grace”. Two singles came out “The Way I Like It” produced by David Jost (same Tokio Hotel producer) and “Closer”.

Also Bahar recorded few new songs like “Daheim”.

I really hope one day to can see them live, as solo artists and why not, maybe in a reunion.

They really catched my heart and every time I listen their cds I feel a little bit lonely because they brokeup as girlband but I could never ever stop to listen them since they are amazing, beautiful, talent and so nice.

I advice to all of you to listen their songs and buy their music, they are sooo cool and they can sing pop, dance, ballad, r’n’b in a great way!

If you are an open-mind like me about music and you always like to discover and listen new artists, well Monrose are the perfect example.

I listen tons of different artists and I’m not afraid to say it, I think if you listen more than an only one genre or arist help you a lot, for sharing stuff, talk with a lot of different people, comparing, discuss and judge.